WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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To constantly improve the vaping industry with quality products and innovative ideas, Vapetasia has put together a collection of salt e-liquids formulated to make your pod device experience better. Better salt introduces a new breed of salt e-liquid, one that brings enhanced flavors to the table and will give you a real taste of what a pod device can produce.

If you look at the options that a vape user has available to them when choosing a salt e-liquid, you might see a glaring issue that everyone seems to be ignoring. Salt e-liquid has a significant lack of flavor when compared to freebase options. This problem stems from the fact that since the inception of salt e-liquid, the industry uses adjusted freebase flavor concentrate in salt products, something that the flavorings were not designed for. With an adjustment to the ratios of PG and VG the same flavorings used in freebase eliquid were applied to salt products. Better salt introduces a formula featuring salt products made with salt flavor concentrate, flavoring made specifically for pod use, giving users a taste of what the salt experience should be like.

What exactly are flavor concentrates and what is the difference between salt flavor concentrate and freebase flavor concentrate? Flavor concentrates are the FDA-approved flavorings that e-liquid manufacturers use to create the e-liquid products you use in your vaping devices! This flavor concentrate gets diluted using PG(Propylene Glycol), this is done to get the perfect amount of flavoring, as straight flavoring would be too potent in free-base devices. This mixture is added with other diluted flavorings as well as VG to get the e-liquid products you vape in almost all the vaping products on the market today. Until now, our competitors have used this same freebase flavor concentrate in their salt nicotine products, adding less VG and more concentrate. The difference from this compared to our use of salt flavor concentrate is that the original flavoring gets diluted by a significant amount less than in the freebase alternative. In other words, we packed a whole lot of flavor into Better Salt, and as a result, you will experience an enhanced version of the salt e-liquid you know today!

With our flavor-enhanced formula, Better Salt allows users to enjoy simple and compact pod devices without sacrificing flavor production. Try Better Salt and see just how much better it can get!

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